Wallace State Discontinues Soccer
June 1, 2013

HANCEVILLE, Ala.--Wallace State Community College has discontinued its men’s soccer program. The decision became effective at the end of spring semester 2013.

Wallace State fielded the only men’s soccer team in the Alabama Community College System. Shelton State, which once had a women’s soccer team, disbanded that program in 2009.

“After several years of supporting our men’s soccer with the hopes that other colleges in Alabama would establish a men’s soccer program, that hope has not been realized,” said Wallac State President Dr. Vicki Hawsey.

Hawsey said this decision was made after long-term discussions and program outcome analyses. “There is no likelihood in these economic times that any other of Alabama’s community colleges will establish soccer programs,” she said. Due to the lack of competition, Wallace State’s team was forced to regularly travel out-of-state for matches and tournaments.

Wallace State has no plans to discontinue any other athletic programs, Dr. Hawsey said.

“It is unfortunate that other colleges in our conference were unable to take on soccer, but our decision to disband this program should create no anxiety among supporters of our other programs,” she said. “We value athletics, our long tradition of success in athletics, and the opportunities sports provide as part of a well-rounded student experience.”

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