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Robert DavisRobert Scott Davis is the director of the Genealogy Program of Wallace State Community College, Hanceville, Alabama. His duties include organizing field trips for his classes to libraries throughout the country; helping to build one of the South's most extensive genealogical collections; operating a microfilming facility; and teaching genealogy in one of the first colleges to offer genealogy as a college level course. In 2006, this program that he built received the Award for Outstanding Leadership in History from the American Association for State and Local History. Professor Davis also teaches survey courses in geography and history.

He holds a Master of Education degree in history from North Georgia College and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Bob is also a graduate of the Institute of Documentary Editing of the National Historical Records Publications Commission. His more than 1,000 publications on records and research include a number of books and more than 100 articles and reviews in professional historical, library, education, and archival journals, including Prologue: The Quarterly of the National Archives, Gulf States Historical Review, Agricultural History, The Journal of Military History, Documentary Editing, The Journal of Southern Legal History, Gulf States Review, The Alabama Review, Georgia Historical Quarterly, and The South Carolina Historical Magazine. Robert S. Davis has been quoted in Time, Smithsonian, CNN, NBC, and the Wall Street Journal.  He also wrote the chapters on Alabama and Georgia for the current edition of Ancestry’s Redbook. His genealogical articles have appeared in such periodicals as Ancestry, The American Genealogist, Heritage Quest, The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, and The National Genealogical Society Quarterly.

In Alabama and Georgia, Bob has worked to raise public awareness on saving local government records and has been a member of the Alabama governor’s historical records commission. He has been the guest speaker at hundreds of meetings of civic, genealogical, and historical organizations.

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