Family and Regional History

The Family and Regional History Program is located on the fifth floor of the Wallace State Library. Strategically located in the heart of North Alabama, the college is 60 miles south of Huntsville, 40 miles south of Decatur, and 45 miles north of Birmingham, just off Interstate 65. To be exact, it is eight miles south of Cullman on U.S. Highway 31 within the city limits of Hanceville.

Field Trips
The Family and Regional History Program offers field trips as courses. Students travel with the program chairperson to archives and libraries across the South and to other parts of the country. Students pay for transportation, lodging, and meals during the trip.

Other Services
Wallace State's Family and Regional History Program specializes in copying old photographs. Patrons of this free service provide the film. The Wallace State microfilm laboratory copies genealogical and historical records loaned to the program. Visitors to the library may also sample several popular genealogical programs on the computer.

We gladly accept donations. Book, periodicals, microfilms, insurance bequests, or funds toward expanding our collection are always welcome. Donations are tax deductible.

The program may be contacted by e-mail at