Fast Track Academy

What is the Fast Track Academy?
The Fast Track Academy is a joint partnership between Wallace State and local school systems. The Academy offers high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to simultaneously enroll in secondary and postsecondary coursework on the campus of Wallace State. The courses meet state requirements for high school graduation while also providing the general education requirements for the certificate and associate degree programs.

How does it work?
Students will be enrolled full-time at the high school on the community college campus. The Fast Track Project Director and staff will supervise students and monitor academic progress. Enrolled students may participate in extracurricular activities at their home high school.

What about high school?
Students who are enrolled in the Fast Track Academy may still participate in their home school's extracurricular activities, including athletics, band, and student organizations. Course scheduling will be designed to meet the needs of the students and their chosen activities. Students will be earning high school credit towards the Alabama high school graduation requirements.

How do I enroll?
Recruitment for the program begins in November each year.  Students interested in the program must obtain an application from their school counselor. Once they have completed their part of the Fast Track Academy Application, they are to submit it to their counselor. If the student wishes to be considered for any tuition assistance that might come available, they must attach a copy of the FAFSA4caster showing their EFC with the application. The school administration will then recommend the student for the program if the student has met all criteria necessary for the program. The counselor will complete the recommendation division of the application and submit it along with an official high school transcript to the Project Director.

General entry qualifications will include the following:

- GPA of 3.0 or higher
- Minimum of 12 high school credits (including the chemistry and foreign language requirement if on advanced diploma tract).
- Minimum score of 20 on ACT Math and English or comparable COMPASS scores.
- High school junior or senior

Cost of program:
Books will be furnished in a similar manner as high school programs. At this time tuition will be completely student paid. In the event that funds for tuition assistance become available, disbursement will be based on the verified results of the FAFSA4caster.

For more information regarding dual enrollment, please contact: