Programs for High School Students

Dual Enrollment
Wallace State offers one of the largest dual enrollment programs in the state, so that high school students may simultaneously earn credit for high school and college academic courses.

Accelerated High School Students
High school students who want to take college-level classes for college credit only and not as part of our dual enrollment program may do so through the Accelerated Learning program.

Through Tech-Prep, high school students interested in technically-oriented programs may participate in dual enrollment, earning simultaneous high school and college credit.

Fast Track Academy
Our Fast Track Academy is a dual enrollment opportunity in which students take all their classes on campus at WSCC. High school students have the opportunity to enter exciting career fields in public safety, health care, and automotive manufacturing.

STEM Camps
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Camps in summer enable high school students to explore future career possibilities in high-demand and highly technical training areas. Wallace State is also a member of CARCAM, the Consortium for the Alabama Regional Center for Automotive Manufacturing, which aims to educate a highly-skilled workforce for Alabama's growing automotive industry.