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Student Activities and Organizations

All experiences received by the individual student have a direct effect on the student's total educational development. Student activities and organizations offered by the College present opportunities for students to participate in additional experiences not otherwise provided in the regular academic curriculum. All College-sponsored activities are considered important adjuncts to the educational programs since they encourage each student to become personally involved in both self- and group-directed events which are meaningful and enriching to the educational development of each student.

All student activities and organizations are non-discriminatory in terms of membership and are in full compliance with all requirements imposed by Title VI, Title IX, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended.

All extracurricular activities except athletics are under the direct control of the College through the Director of Student Affairs. The Director of Student Affairs must approve all policies and procedures for the control and operation of all clubs, organizations, and activities sponsored by the institution.

AJCCA Most Outstanding Student Competition
Each year, Wallace State Community College participates in the "Most Outstanding Student" competition, sponsored by the Alabama Association of Community and Junior Colleges. Students are nominated for this award by College faculty and staff and are screened by the WSCC Honors Committee. The student selected to represent Wallace State then participates in state competition during the AJCCA Convention, which is held annually.

American Drafting & Design Association
The American Drafting and Design Association was established in 1959 to provide educational information for designers, drafters, individuals, and corporations in the design and drafting fields.

The Wallace State ADDA Student Chapter consists of interested students and one sponsor. As an effort to provide first-hand knowledge of the drafting and design industry, this chapter arranges field trips for interested students to impacting corporations in the surrounding areas. The local chapter also provides opportunities for members to attend a yearly convention.

Campus Ministries
Campus Ministries is an organization composed of Wallace State students of all denominations and faiths. The purpose of the organization is to provide fellowship and promote better moral, spiritual, and religious values.

The Wallace State Cheerleading/Mascot Program is of top quality. The cheerleaders and mascot increase school spirit and student support. Listed below are general information and requirements for qualifying for the squad:

  • • Scholarships will be awarded for fall and spring semesters of the upcoming year; a total of ten (10) is allowed.
  • • Members will perform at all WSCC basketball games.
  • • Members must be enrolled in good standing and maintain at least a 2.25 GPA. Freshmen must have at least a 2.50 high school GPA.
  • • The cheerleaders and the mascot of WSCC earn college credit for participating on the squad.

Circle K Club
Circle K Clubs are affiliated with the Kiwanis Clubs and high school Key Clubs. Circle K Clubs are dedicated to serving the country, community, and college. However, Circle K is not strictly a service organization. Circle K also provides its members with opportunities to develop leadership skills on the local, district, and international levels. In addition, Circle K allows students opportunities to meet with people from many other localities.

Commercial Foods Club
The Commercial Foods Club is open to any individual majoring in Commercial Foods at Wallace State. The objective of the Commercial Foods Club is to promote and renew interest in the area of foods and nutrition. Membership also promotes social and intellectual skills and assists in professional growth.

Concert Choir
All students are invited to participate in the Concert Choir, which presents programs in the fall and spring of each year. Emphasis is placed on a wide variety of music, both secular and sacred.

Cosmetology Club
The Cosmetology Club is made up of students with the desire to advance their training beyond the basic skills. These students attend seminars and one-day workshops in advanced training, presented by some of the nation's leading cosmetologists. Another function of the group is to visit schools and civic clubs to emphasize the importance of one's personal appearance.

Departmental Field Trips
A number of field trips are planned by each department, enabling students to gain valuable outside information pertaining to their chosen fields. These trips enable students to see the skills of their trades in actual work environments.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization composed of Wallace State athletes and former high school athletes of all denominations and faiths. The purpose of the organization is to provide fellowship among athletes to promote better moral, spiritual, and religious values.

Health Care Information Club
The objectives of this organization are to unite members of the Health Care Information Program for purposes of friendship and educational development, to promote cultural and intellectual development, to participate in philanthropic projects, and to aid in professional growth.

Homecoming Queen & Court
The date for Homecoming is set by the Director of Athletics at Wallace State Community College. All activities are sponsored and coordinated by the Student Government Association, including the election of the Homecoming Queen and Court. The election is held approximately one week prior to the Homecoming Game.

The following criteria are used in the selection of the WSCC Homecoming Queen and Court:

  • • Any student desiring to run, with the exception of the individual crowned Miss Wallace State, may file a statement of intent with the sponsor of the Student Government Association along with a brief, up-to-date resume including honors received, activities in which the candidate participated, and organizations to which the student may belong, along with a current photograph. All photographs will be displayed on the student bulletin board the week prior to the election.
  • • Each participant must be in good academic standing at the College.
  • • Each participant must be willing to represent the College through photographs for newspapers and the College yearbook. Participants must also be willing to represent the College at various civic and community events sponsored by the College.
  • • Each candidate will be screened by a Homecoming Committee consisting of the Director of Recruiting, Chairman; the faculty sponsor in charge of the Wallace State Community College Cheerleaders; and the Student Government Association President. The Homecoming Committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting the best ten representatives from the participants by means of evaluating submitted resumes and conducting personal interviews with all contestants.
  • • The Homecoming Committee will choose the top ten contestants; campaigning will be by personal contact only, for no posters or signs will be permitted.
  • • Voting will take place one week prior to Homecoming. The dates and times for voting will be announced, and all WSCC students are eligible to vote in the student center.
  • • The Director of Recruiting will assign a committee to count the votes before the election. The committee shall consist of the Director of Recruiting, Chairman; the SGA faculty sponsor; the SGA President; and two students at large. Any student may volunteer for this committee.
  • • The names of the top five participants receiving the largest number of votes will be posted immediately following the tabulation of the votes; however, the names of the Homecoming Queen and her Court will be held until a time decided upon by the SGA in conjunction with the WSCC Activity Committee.
  • • All ballots and results of the election will be available in the office of the Director of Recruiting for a period of one week following the election.

Inter-Presidents' Council
This organization is comprised of the presidents of all clubs and organizations on the Wallace State Community College campus. One aspect of this group is to coordinate, in an effective fashion, the activities sponsored by all college clubs and organizations. Another focus of the group is to serve as a training/proving ground in leadership ability, with an emphasis on acquainting student leaders with strict parliamentary procedures.

Intercollegiate Athletics
Wallace State Community College is a member of both the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Alabama Junior College Conference. The College is presently developing a comprehensive program of intercollegiate athletics which includes men and women's basketball, men’s and women's cross-country and track, golf, softball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis.

International Language Club
The International Language Club is open to all students attending Wallace State. The Club is devoted to the service of the community as well as to the College. The purpose of the International Language Club is to encourage awareness of international customs, beliefs, and traditions; to unite the state, college, and community; and to encourage interest in foreign languages, traditions, and customs.

Intramural Athletics
Intramural competition is provided for the student body through student activities. Some areas of intramural competition include basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, table games, cross-country, and other activities as demand justifies. For more information, contact Coach Barry Spitzer, 256 352-8370.

Lex Adjutor Majus
Lex Adjutor Majus is an on-campus Paralegal Club comprised of full and part-time students majoring in Paralegal Studies.

Realizing that the practice of law may be the most challenging and exciting as well as the most rapidly growing of all professions, paralegal students plan and hold seminars, hear guest lecturers, take field trips, and socialize in an atmosphere conducive to the advancement of the legal profession.

Lex Corpus
Law Enforcement students at Wallace State Community College have available to them this law enforcement/criminal justice society. Lex Corpus is dedicated to the uplifting of professionalism through training, through activity, and through formal and informal social interaction.

Literary Club
The Literary Club is sponsored by the English Department and is open to all Wallace State students. One aspect of this organization is to showcase new and exciting literary talents at Wallace State. The Club publishes a literary magazine, The Performances, which is a collection of poetry, short stories, essays, songs, and art.

Miss Wallace State Pageant
The Miss Wallace State Pageant is held annually and is open to female students ages 17-24 who are full-time students attending Wallace State Community College. The winner of the Miss Wallace State Pageant is a contestant in the Miss Alabama Pageant; therefore, the Miss Wallace State Pageant conforms to the entrance rules of the Miss Alabama Pageant. Participants must never have been married or pregnant. This program is a preliminary to the Miss Alabama Pageant, which is affiliated with the Miss America Scholarship Program. Scholarships are awarded to all participants. For more information, contact Rob Metcalf, 256 352-8250, or Suzanne Harbin, 256 352-8144.    

Music Educators' National Conference
The purpose of this group is to afford students an opportunity for professional orientation and development. It is expected that benefits will accrue both to the students themselves and to the professional organization, as students gain an understanding in these areas:

    The philosophy and function of the music education profession.
    The basic truths and principles which underlie the role of music in human life.
    The importance of contacts with leaders in the profession.
    The music industry's role in support of music education.
    The knowledge and practices of the professional music educator.

Newspaper Staff
The purpose of The Mane Issue is to inform the student body of College events and news. Each department is encouraged to give a report of departmental news to be included in the paper, which also contains human-interest stories, news from administration, and humorous items added for pleasure reading. These are all edited by the advisor and newspaper staff. Editorial comments are welcomed and printed after the content is screened for validity of subject matter.

Omicron Delta Chapter
Alpha Eta Rho is an international aviation fraternity which serves as a contact between the aviation industry and educational institutions. The chapter of Wallace State, Omicron Delta Chapter, is constantly alert to the opportunities available to keep aviation students in touch with the larger field of aviation activity. Purposes of the fraternity are as follows:

    To further the cause of aviation in all its branches
    To instill in the public mind a confidence in aviation
    To promote contacts between the students of aviation and those engaged in the profession
    To promote a close affiliation between the students of aviation for purposes of education and research.

Membership is open to all Wallace State students enrolled in the Flight Technology Program. Call 256 751-3069 for information.

Pep Club
The purpose of this club is to promote school spirit. This group attends all WSCC intercollegiate basketball games and assists the cheerleaders in conducting pep rallies on campus.

Phi Beta Lambda
The purpose of the Wallace State Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is to familiarize students with the opportunities available in business and office occupations.

Phi Beta Lambda is an integral part of the instructional program; it promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility. Members have an opportunity to compete in a number of skills events on the state and national levels. All students in the Business Department are urged to join.

Phi Theta Kappa (Alpha Chi Tau Chapter)
Alpha Chi Tau is the official chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society at Wallace State Community College. Phi Theta Kappa is the only internationally accepted honor society serving institutions which offer associate-degree programs. Membership is given added significance by the fact that the Society is recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges as the official honor society for two-year colleges.

The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship among associate-degree students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

Membership in Alpha Chi Tau is extended by invitation only. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled in an associate-degree program, have completed at least twelve hours of course work leading to an associate degree, have a grade point average of 3.5 or better, exhibit good moral character, and possess recognized leadership qualities.

The members of Alpha Chi Tau are involved in the following activities: mentoring programs with at-risk students in area high schools, tutorial relationships with Wallace State students, community-service projects in Cullman County and in neighboring counties, and programs sponsored by Wallace State and other institutions to promote academic enrichment. For information, contact instructors Brandon Smith, 256 352-8207, or Stacey Moore, 256 352-8241.

Physical Therapy Club
The Student Physical Therapy Organization (SPTO) is a professional organization made up of Physical Therapist Assistant students for the purpose of enhancing the total professional development of students, socially as well as academically. The club sponsors fund-raising and social events which help to foster class cohesiveness and afford a place for exchanging ideas and friendship. Contact the Physical Therapy Assistant Department, 256 352-8332.

Skills USA Tournament
The Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) sponsor a yearly skills tournament for students enrolled in Vocational Education Programs throughout the state of Alabama. Wallace State Community College is privileged to have a variety of skill winners on both the state and national levels, representing a variety of occupational skills taught by the institution.

Sonography Club
The Sonography Club is open to all WSCC students enrolled in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The objective of the organization is to unite members of the Sonography Program to promote social and intellectual development and to aid in professional growth. For more information, contact 256 352-8318.

Student Community Affairs
The student body, through the efforts of individuals, clubs, and organizations, participates in many community projects. These include the following:

    Community fund-raising projects
    Blood drives
    Floats in parades
    Various charity projects.

Student Dental Assistants' Club
The SDAC is open to any individual who is majoring in Dental Assisting at the College. The overall objective of the SDAC is to unite members of the Dental Assisting profession for the purpose of increased interest and enthusiasm in the profession, to promote social and intellectual development, and to aid in professional growth.

Student Nurses' Association
The Student Nurses' Association aids in the preparation of nursing students for the assumption of professional duties and responsibilities. In addition, it is responsible for keeping nursing students informed regarding all areas affecting nursing; the organization contributes to improving the health care of all people. For more information, contact 256 352-8199.

Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America (VICA)
Students enrolled in trade, industrial, technical, and health education are united by VICA through the understanding of the function and ethics of labor-and-management organizations. This understanding helps to create a respect for the dignity of work, which aids students in making their own vocational goals and developing the highest standards to achieve their goals.

Wallace State Ambassadors
At Wallace State, students are the College's best recruiters. A specially selected group of students make up the Wallace State Ambassadors Organization, serving as as official student public relations representatives for Wallace State. In addition to serving as ambassadors at important College events, members also serve as tour guides for the campus, recruiters at high school college-career programs, and college representatives at special community functions. The Wallace State Ambassadors promote pride and communicate an increased understanding of Wallace State. Applications for membership are available from Rob Metcalf at 256 352-8250.

Wallace State Art Society
The Wallace State Art Society is an organization developed for those students who wish to pursue the field of arts or an appreciation for the arts. The objectives are to promote art awareness and to provide professional contacts for students through field trips, activities, and social functions.

Membership or honorary membership may be obtained by submitting an application to the advisor.

Wallace State Chapter of Alabama Association of Mental Health Technologists
This organization is comprised of people who feel compassion toward and a desire to help the mentally ill, mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed, or anyone in need. The Club's objectives are to carry out various projects and activities during the academic year to aid those in need; also, the local chapter seeks to unite the members of the Human Services Program for purposes of friendship and educational development, to promote cultural development, and to aid in professional growth.

Wallace State Drama Club
The Drama Club is an organization of students interested in promoting drama and the theatre at Wallace State Community College. This club sponsors cultural events and drama presentations for Wallace State students and the community.

Wallace State Electronics Club
The Wallace State Electronics Club is open to those individuals who major in Electronic Technology. The objectives are to promote a coordinated effort within the electronics community so that a more general understanding of the electronics field may be presented, to contact and work with local industries concerning job placement, and to promote an enjoyable atmosphere for students through activities such as field trips and other social functions.

Wallace State Symphonic Band
The Symphonic Band is open for all students who play musical instruments. This performing group presents a program in the fall and in the spring semesters; the group makes an annual spring trip. A variety of music is performed. For information, contact 256 352-8277.

Wallace State Upholstery Club
The Upholstery Club is an organization of students enrolled in the Upholstery Program. The objectives are to promote professional growth, to promote an enjoyable atmosphere for students through activities such as field trips and other social functions, and to aid VICA (Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America) functions for Upholstery. For more information, contact 256 352-8168.

Wellness Club
The Wellness Club is actively involved in promoting health, fitness, and wellness activities both on campus and in the community. Fund-raising activities are a part of club goals. The revenues raised will be used in two ways: (1) to provide incentives/awards for the wellness participants in regular classes and faculty/corporate programs (2) to donate to charitable organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Lung Association, and the American Cancer Society. Membership is open to all students interested in promoting wellness and fitness.

WSCC Jazz Show Band
The Jazz Show Band is a group composed of music majors and advanced instrumentalists who perform for civic, social, high school, and college functions. The group, chosen by auditions, is under the direction of the Music Department Chairman. For information, contact the Music Department at 256 352-8277.

WSCC Singers
The Singers, a group of vocalists and instrumentalists, perform for a variety of programs, including civic clubs, conventions, high school assembly programs, and churches. They maintain a vigorous rehearsal and performance schedule. Auditions are held each spring and fall for membership in the WSCC Singers. The WSCC Singers are under the direction of the Vocal Music Director. For information, contact the Music Department at 256 352-8277.

Yearbook Staff
Wallace State Community College publishes the yearbook, entitled the Renaissance. The Renaissance staff work under the direction of the Public Relations Department to produce the annual publication. The staff is comprised of students with high school journalism and/or desk-top publishing and photographic experience. Work begins on the yearbook during the fall semester for delivery to students during the fall semester of the following year.